American Man Wanted Kennels

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Welcome to American Man Wanted Kennels or A.M.W. We believe in breeding an owning game bred American Pitbulls or for the real doggers Bulldogs. I have been raised around these dogs since the age of 10, and wouldn't trade them for no other dog. I have about 20 years of my life with these fine animals, and I thank GOD for every dog that I have because its a blessing. I also would like to give props to those who dedicate years to making this breed better, and for being as game as the dogs they breed. Subdue and make them better. He gave us dominion over every living creature and the right to make them better. Keep the FAITH when you breed.


Winners & Champions

I don't claim anything fancy about my dogs but I love my dogs just as much as your champs. I think my dogs are just as good as any champ, because I feed them and I love them. But my dogs will fit the standard like most.

We just don't have one line, I'm now working with different lines to try and make the best.(Jeep, Chinaman, Jeep/redboy etc.)

Keep fighting and praying for our breed and breeders. Having the "freedom" to make a choice is in the balance

Pray for those in time of need!!!Stay strong

Our dogs are bred for Conformation, Willing, Temperment, and legal hunting or sports. Plus make great pets.


      If you don't know or like these animals please leave this site now! Or consult someone with more knowledge on these animals than you. I don't breed or sell dogs to non-knowledgeable JOE'S, or In-Humane events.

Please help stop the HUMAN-CRUELTY! To many lives being wasted, alot of real CRIME going on out here, and animals should never be compared to a HUMAN BEING. GOD will have VENGENCES on those who do cruelty to his people.

Welcome To My Home Page

Everything is registered with ADBA, AADR. Papers are good but are not what makes the dog. I say love 'em and treat them good if you like them, cuz its alot of good dogs out here without papers and you have alot of bad ones with papers.

I also would love to see registry's that would keep the focus on helping improve the breed, instead of thinking of just making money of us. Those that would even try to keep the standard when it comes to the conformation standards. And keep the focus on an athletic animal instead of overweight show winners.

Thank U

First I would like to thank GOD and my brothers for bringing these dogs in my life. My wife for supporting and loving these dogs. You are a true partner. Mr. Harrington for our first pup way back in 86-87. I would like to thank a few kennels for dogs or any help that I asked of them. Southern Breeze, Wildsides, Eppinette, Parson Pits, Tall Pines Pits, Got Game and all others you know who you are. I'm blessed from above, so I know who gets the real credit.

Let the game being!